Christopher Brown

Renowned Podcaster, Life Coach and Inspirational Public Speaker

Christopher is a life and career coach specialising in neurodiversity, post-redundancy and mid-life coaching. He is able to help anyone who has reached a crossroads and doesn’t know which way next. He has a personal story of achieving success from that very same place. It may be your condition, it may be redundancy, or it might be divorce, it may be a health scare, it could be a tragedy. It may be all of those. He has been to all of those places and become a better and more successful version of himself as a result. Let him steer you in the same way.

Your time together will be a mixture of exploring who you really are, goal-setting, and techniques to help you achieve those goals. He loves what he does and you will see that passion in the way he helps you. If you do decide to work together, it will be partly because he believes in you; possibly more than you believe in yourself. You'll work on resolving that together.

He believes he was fortunate enough to be coached and mentored by some great people during his career and has made it a key objective of his to pass that on to newer people coming into business. He has spent a lot of the last ten years providing the same coaching and mentoring that he benefitted from and has seen many of his ‘pupils’ grow into great role models for their generation.

He now has a great work/life balance which has come through hard work, willpower, and knowing which turns to take at those crossroads. He has made mistakes too, learnt from them, used them to create more personal armour, and moved on. He can teach you how to do this.

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If you're neurodiverse you will know how amazing your condition can be and the 'superpowers' that you possess.

But you will also know that because of attitudes and norms in society your condition can limit your career choices, restrict relationship options, and put barriers in the way of you achieving success.

I am neurodiverse and I have had to face all of these challenges. But you can succeed. Myself, and many others like me, are proof of this.

Through a targeted coaching programme, I can teach you to harness your unique skills and play society's games to help you achieve greatness.

These days, it's not a dirty word. It is just part of the journey that many of us pass through.

And it can be a good thing. It can be the best thing that ever happened to you. You can use this opportunity to re-launch yourself.

With my post-redundancy coaching programme, we can look at what your real skills are, where your passions lie, what goals you want to achieve, to get you to the next stage of your career and your life.

I will push you to explore what you really want from life and help you develop a plan for achieving that.

This isn't about turning 50 and panicking. This can happen at any time in your life, maybe multiple times.

If you feel you're on the wrong path and you're running out of time to find a better path, then let's use my focused programme to get you there.

We will explore all aspects of your life, moving away from the negative parts and building more positive parts.

You will be challenged to explore what happiness really means to you but I will support you in developing a plan for achieving it.

Nobody wants an unpleasant divorce that makes no one happy and leaves everlasting bitterness.

Divorce does happen and it can be a postive stage in your life. You need to embrace the change you are going through and re-build a new version of you.

I can coach you through this very difficult transition, ensuring that you focus on the things that you still care about and helping you to walk away to something newer and better.

Maybe you're just considering divorce at this point. Talk to me and I can help you evaluate what is the best path for you and your loved ones.

Grief is just nature's way of telling you how much you loved someone.

Losing someone special is one of the terrible life events that we all have to go through on our journeys, often multiple times. And it is often very difficult to find anything positive from such tragedy.

But I can help you build a legacy in your mind, put yourself at peace with your situation, and find a new strength to push on with your life.

Its not easy but I can help make it better.