Christopher Brown

Accredited Humanist Celebrant and Inspirational Public Speaker

Public Speaking

Christopher has been a public speaker for much of his career, confident in delivering motivational speeches to many types of audience.

He has presented to businesses on topics like delivery, quality improvement and product development. He has presented to business leaders on change management. He has presented to civic dignitaries on the importance of mentoring and junior leadership. He has even been in demand as a Master of Ceremonies for weddings and naming ceremonies.

His focus nowadays is on his passions of neurodiversity acceptance, mental health awareness, and suicide prevention. He delivers impassioned speeches around these topics that inspire audiences to make the changes that society and business needs.

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Given his strong background in public speaking, he is also available to coach you in the art of delivering great speeches. His brilliant three-step plan can be learnt in just one simple session. Use the contact form to enquire further about this.

07718 271968