Christopher Brown

Renowned Podcaster, Life Coach and Inspirational Public Speaker

Just four things to know about Christopher


In a career spanning over 30 years, he has reached the very top of the tech industry.

Leaving school with no qualifications and a neurodiverse condition, he fought through every barrier he came across to achieve success, wealth and happiness.

Now retired from the tech industry he focuses on his real passion of helping others to achieve success in the face of adversity, and speaking out for change and acceptance.



Christopher has been a recognised public speaker for years, in demand for his ability to "own a room", inspire people and make a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. He is also popular with those who want to learn the art of public speaking.

Throughout his career he has been mentoring and coaching others in the methods that have brought him success, and this is now the cornerstone of his working life.

He is also an expert writer and interviewer, evidenced through his highly popular podcasts.




Although he has witnessed a lot of change in industry and society around attitudes to neurodiversity and mental health awareness, he is still driven by the need to do more.

Statistics show how people can still be disadvantaged in seeking careers, relationships and acceptance.

And Christopher still finds it distressing to see, on a daily basis, the clear link between these conditions and suicide. He works tirelessly to do what he can to prevent these tragic and unnecessary deaths.



Christopher co-founded the For Ben Foundation in memory of his son.

The foundation aims to raise awareness of issues around neurodiversity, mental health wellbeing and suicide prevention. It has also raised significant amounts of money that have gone to front-line charities working in these areas.

A portion of all monies earned by Christopher go to the Foundation.