Christopher Brown

Renowned Podcaster, Life Coach and Inspirational Public Speaker

The podcast was started in May 2020 just weeks after the tragic loss of Christopher's son to suicide.

Published on a weekly basis throughout 2020, it cemented itself as a must-listen for anyone affected by suicide, or even those contemplating suicide.

Combining thoughts, facts, interviews and access to Christopher's personal audio diary, it gets us as close as possible to one man who is determined to tackle grief head-on whilst doing what he can to help others.

All of the episodes are available below or by searching for "My Argument With Grief" on any major podcast platform.

Episode 1 - What happened to my son, what happened to my life?

Chris tells the story of what happened to his son Ben and how his life has suddenly changed.

Episode 2 - Walking and running for my son Ben

This week sees the launch of a fund and an awareness campaign. Chris talks to one his son's closest friends who is driving these initiatives.

Episode 3 - Why the title? Why My Argument With Grief?

Chris muses over the title of this series, whilst the day to day continues around him and he asks his wife if he's doing the right thing by communicating so publicly.

Episode 4 - Poetry saved my life

Chris talks to Aiz Hussain, a spoken word artist and a friend of Ben, about his own personal battles, his brush with suicide and the pain and grief he has had to bear in his young life.

Episode 5 - Turning the light off

Chris ponders the great question of what flicked that fatal switch in his son's mind that made him choose the terrible course that he did.

Episode 6 - Grief came to visit

The funeral is imminent. Chris muses about what it really means. Which leads him to a major crisis.

Episode 7 - The Funeral

It is the day of his son's funeral and Chris talks us through his changing emotions and his thoughts for the future.

Episode 8 - Drop kicking mental health stigma with LooseHeadz

Chris talks with the founding members of LooseHeadz about their organisation and the stigma of mental health and how sport, particularly rugby, is playing a significant role in helping men and women talk about their issues openly.

Episode 9 - Father's Day

Chris ponders Father's Day in 2020 and what this year's will be like without one of his children. But also there is a renewed determination to keep fathers and their sons alive.

Episode 10 - Neurodiversity and me

Neurodiversity. What is it? Chris explains what it is and why this word, this description, means something very personal.

Episode 11 - How is your son or daughter's mental health?

Chris chats to Husna Motin and Lea Sawinski, two members of the Loughborough Student Union, about looking after mental health in these testing times. And for parents, how is your son or daughter's mental health?

Episode 12 - The inquest day arrived and my health scare

Chris deals with the inquest, certainly sooner than he had expected. There's also a health scare to consider.

Episode 13 - I'm angry

Chris is angry. It's the latest phase, as he explains.

Episode 14 - Drinking water, for the mind?

Chris explores the facts and figures behind suicide in the UK and ponders what we should do about it.

Episode 15 - Talking to my son

Chris talks with someone very close, about their joint loss

Episode 16 - Scattering ashes

Chris hits the road and starts a travelogue that will run over two episodes. This week he visits Scotland on his motorbike to spend some time considering where to scatter some of his son's ashes, before riding south to join his family in Yorkshire.

Episode 17 - Facing grief in the morning

Chris is still travelling, now with his friend Tim, in Wales where they discuss life, friendship and dealing with grief.

Episode 18 - I have some news for you

Chris talks about the notes left by his son prior to taking his life, and he has some news.

Episode 19 - We are society

Chris is in Spain, collecting his thoughts, thinking about what next.

Episode 20 - Fathers and sons

Still on location in Spain, Chris starts to ponder relationships, in particular fathers and sons

Episode 21 - That look I'll not forget

Chris talks about Dyspraxia and introduces you to some acronyms you may not be aware of.

Episode 22 - What is happiness?

Chris ponders one of the big questions.

Episode 23 - Spiritualism, sherry and diaries

Chris shares his audio diary at the start of his second phase of discovery in Spain.

Episode 24 - Let's talk about counselling

Chris talks about his experience of counselling and the results of a study entitled 'From Grief to Hope'.

Episode 25 - The Five Stages of Grief

Today, still in Spain, but only for a short while longer, Chris discusses the five stages of grief, and reveals which stage he believes he may be at.

Episode 26 - The Announcement

As Chris comes to the end of his stay in Spain, he makes time for one more edition featuring an important announcement.